The Wineglass Wherry Row Boat Kit: Letters & Photos From Our Customers

My Wineglass Wherry was fun and easy to build. Since I added the sail rig we’ve sailed parts of the Baja coast on several multi-day trips, cruised 120 miles of the mainland Mexico coast from Isla Tiburon to Guayamas, Sonora (10 days of spectacular sailing and exploring), wandered around the Yucatan coast for a month, and spent a couple of summer days sailing the lakes of central Arizona. She cartops perfectly on my little Toyota Tercel and we’ve probably covered 10,000 miles or more, mostly on rough, southern two lane roads. She has proven herself in tough conditions: 50 knot gusts offshore of Isla Tiburon and Bahia Las Angelos (the GPS showed us making 6 knots under bare poles) and running six foot breakers over the reef at Cabo Pulmo, Baja California. Sure, these examples speak as much to my poor judgement as to the Wineglass Wherry’s capabilities. But there you have it- she made up for my faults.  Thanks for helping me find my passion.
– Martin Ziebell, Prescott, AZ

  • "Pywiak" at Laguna San Jose del Playa, Baja California "Pywiak" at Laguna San Jose del Playa, Baja California
  • Martin Ziebell with "Pywiak", his Wineglass Wherry cartopped on his Toyota Tercel. Martin Ziebell with "Pywiak", his Wineglass Wherry cartopped on his Toyota Tercel.
  • Cabo Pulmo, Baja Cabo Pulmo, Baja
  • Pulmo Point, Baja Pulmo Point, Baja
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Butch Hennings nicely finished Wherry.



This is my 4th small boat and by far the best. Your plywood panels fit perfectly, unlike other kits I have built.- -Milo of Morgan’s Point, TX

I’m just writing to thank you for a great Wineglass Wherry kit. I bought it before the winter (Southern Hemisphere) and in spring launched it. It was a pleasure to build, easy to follow and the end result was very satisfying! For the record, I am a quadriplegic with 1 useful hand, which is of course all you need (I am in a wheelchair). Only on a few occasions did I have to get in my friends and neighbors for some extra length and hands. So thank you Pygmy Boats. I have also included a painting I did of the completed boat (shown at right). I paint for a living and this particular painting was one of the 1st to sell at my recent art exhibition…. It was all a pleasure and the worst thing is it’s finished!
-Gus Watson, New Zealand



Gus Watson’s beautiful painting of the Wineglass Wherry.

Dear Pygmy Boats,
Enclosed is a picture of my Wineglass Wherry taken on the first launch day.  I am 67 years old and my 12 year old grandson was my helper during construction.  We launched on Lake Huron about 10 miles north of Port Huron, MI.  The Wherry turned out perfect, with lots of compliments from friends and neighbors.  Since construction was done primarily onweekends, it took about 2 months.  I’m sure I could do it again in much less time.  The instruction manual was great! Sincerely, A very Satisfied Customer

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Wineglass Wherry sits idle at Bowron Lakes.

Howdy Folks,
See me?  I am the happy boater! I love the boat and I thank you for creating the kit for the boat.  She is fast, stable and beautiful.  It attracts a crowd wherever I go…. I have been in boats all of my life, commercial salmon, steal-head and trout fishing, canoeing and kayaking on rivers and this is the best boat I have ever been in or ever will!  Thanks, Patrick, Denver, CO


Enclosed are some snapshots for your collection of happy customers. Sincerely, Jim Martin Jr.

To all the Good People at Pygmy Boats,
I ordered a Wineglass Wherry kit from you and launched the boat this August.  I’m very pleased with the results and thought you might like to know since you obviously put a lot of thought and care into its design and manufacturing of parts.  They all went together like they were supposed to for which I give you most of the credit.  Enclosed are some snapshots for your collection of happy customers.  Sincerely, Jim Martin Jr.


The “Salty Dog” with its custom seatback.




Dear Pygmy Friends,
Sunday I launched “SeaRun”, our Wineglass Wherry… She is beautiful to look at and handles well in the water.  Launch day was quite windy in the PA harbor, so even short runs became a bit of an adventure.  However, even inexperienced rowers were able to successfully move her around.   She loads easily onto a minivan roof rack and travels securely. I have included some photos… Some comments on the process:  The kit was great.  The accuracy with which the panels are cut made construction a breeze.  The instruction manual was very good.  Several times I wasn’t entirely clear about some construction detail, but when that happened, I received sound and useful advice on the phone… Thanks for designing a fine boat, and for offering advice and support during construction.  Sincerely, David of Port Angelos


Dear Pygmy Boats,
The pieces fit amazingly well at all stages of construction…  Overall, the process of building the Wineglass Wherry was a very rewarding experience.  The boat looks great and performs very well.  Thanks for putting out such a well designed product!  Previously, I built an Osprey double and two Cohos.  Enclosed is a picture of the completed boat.  Thanks, Gary Heckman


Rex Walden

Rex Walden

Kim Rupe of Flagstaff Arizona on the maiden voyage of her Wherry.

Kim Rupe of Flagstaff Arizona on the maiden voyage of her Wherry.


“I live on a lake that does not allow gas engine powered boats. Perfect for Pygmy boats. The Wherry rows like a dream. Light and responsive. I also have an aluminum rowboat roughly the same size. The difference in rowing effort between the two is dramatic. The Wherry is a rowing sports car! And it gets admiring comments from the residents on the lake just like my Cohos. I consider myself a very lucky boat builder to have a choice when I go out on the lake.

Many thanks to Pygmy Boats for making another wonderful boat kit. And I am very impressed that the telephone support by the staff in Port Townsend at Pygmy is keeping up the great builder support I experienced back a decade ago. Well done people! You all are top notch!” – Mike Johnson of Oregon



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