NEW! Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddles

We’ve been on the search for a good take-apart greenland paddle. Ease of portability is one of the major drawbacks to Greenland paddles in general. When we came across Gearlab Nukilik we initially saw a lightweight (29 ounces,±1 ounce) and stylish carbon fiber two-piece Greenland paddle. After using it we were convinced. Inspired by the Inuit traditional technique of strengthening paddle tips with bone, walrus ivory, and harder wood, the Gearlab Nukilik integrates durable and interchangeable polyamide tips with a full carbon fiber paddle. The tip and paddle forms a continual and gapless contour to provide smooth paddling strokes. The ultimate test was of course to hand one to our rolling expert Freya and see what she thought.

She writes, “I really like a take-apart paddle so I can easily travel from garage to boat launch. The Gearlab mechanism is smooth and sleek so it doesn’t interfere with extended Greenland rolls and is sealed so no water gets into the blade of the paddle at the joint. It has nice sharp edges which aid in doing sculling Greenland strokes and rolls and gives a nice feel paddling. The paddle is light and feels good in hand. Another cool feature is the replaceable paddle tips. if you bang your paddle tip all you have to do is screw another one on instead of making lengthy repairs. This paddle is great for rolling, day paddling, surfing – you name it. It is a great all around portable Greenland paddle at an affordable price.” 
We also really like the Paddle sack which pads the paddle during transport.

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Red with black tips.


Black with orange tips.


The first modern Greenland paddle with exchangeable tips:






The patented GEARLAB® T-Joint has a solid and sturdy feel of a one piece paddle.



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