3 Sisters Build Wooden Kayaks Together

What do you get when you have an artist, a teacher and a police officer, and all three are sisters?  Ok, this isn’t obvious and it isn’t a joke.   The answer:  3 handmade wooden kayaks and a lot of fun.

Using the stitch and glue construction method, these three sisters built 3 Pinguino Sports and launched them together in Port Townsend, WA. “It’s easy!” they say laughing and adding, “My husband wants me to build him a Coho now.”

Inspired by their father building a boat during their youth, Stephanie, Dru & Debbie, thought it would be a fun project to do as sisters and to honor their father’s memory.  Congratulations ladies!   We love hearing heartwarming stories like this,  and we wish you many lasting memories together on the water!  Happy Holidays.

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4 responses to “3 Sisters Build Wooden Kayaks Together”

  1. John R. Hamel says:

    Wish I had the courage to build a Pygmy boat!!

  2. Jack Pope says:

    What a great thing for you all to do together. I have built 2 pygmy’s and I’m dying to build more. The kits make it easy but there is still a feeling of having created something amazing with your 2 hands when it is finished. To me there is a feeling of life coming into the boat when the wire ties are tightened up and a feeling of tension, a “quickening”, comes into the hull. Its a wonderful thing. Congratulations!

  3. pygmyweb says:

    You can do it John! Feel free to call us for encouragement: 360-385-6143 Or check out our class schedule: http://www.pygmyboats.com/boat-building-classes.html

  4. Daniel says:

    Good morning,

    I am curious if those beautiful compass designs on the bow of the three sisters jayaks are inlays or stickers and also did you get them locally?

    I am looking for a place to get inlay designs for a kayak. Thank you for any help with this quest.