Top 5 Most Popular Kayaking Accessories of 2013

There’s a lot of accessories one can acquire to improve comfort, security or assist in transporting a boat.  While everyone’s bodies and needs are different, these were the most popular ones of 2013.  The overall theme is definitely one of comfort and practicality.

1. Nylon Travel Covers, by Snap Dragon: Waterproof cockpit covers keep the inside of your boat dry while driving, or when sitting overnight on the beach.  We use these on road trips or overnight paddling trips – a dry cockpit makes a great place to stash life jackets and spray skirts on a rainy night.  These are custom made for Pygmy cockpits ($34).  Read More

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2. Glacier Breeze Deluxe Spray Skirt, by Snap Dragon: Our best selling spray skirt features a zippered mesh deck pocket, an adjustable tube with velcro straps, and a lightweight breathable nylon deck that is ideal for warmer conditions.  This is an all around solid spray skirt with a reasonable price so it’s easy to see why it’s so popular ($119). Read More


3. Tie Yak Boat Security System:  We hope you live in a place that doesn’t require locking up your boat, but we understand that unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone. The TieYak protects your boat from theft with strong steel cables.  There is no drilling or attaching anything to your kayak. A steel loop slides over each end of your boat and under your roof rack bars. Once you put on your lock, the loops cannot be removed and your boat is securely attached to your car. The whole TieYak system goes on or off in less than 30 seconds and fits any kayak. The cables are vinyl coated to protect against scratching. The TieYak will also enable you to attach your kayak to other fixed objects such as trees, posts, fences, etc. After all the hard work that goes into one of our kayaks, it’s easy to understand why this is a popular item. (Solo Kayak $36.00, Double Triple $44.00) Read More

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4.  Kayak Blocks, by NRS:  Perhaps most popular for their versatility,these two 14″ wide, durable mini cell foam blocks have molded channels that fit over your roof rack bars. The V-shape cradles the hull of your kayak, protecting the boat and helping prevent side slip. If you don’t have a roof rack, the Blocks can be placed directly on your vehicle’s roof.  We’ve seen some creative roof racks before (including couch cushions!), and while many of them work, these are an affordable option made for the job ($32.95). Read More


5. Outfit & Msfit PFD, by KokatatNot only is this PFD popular with our customers but it has also earned the title by Sea Kayaker Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Life Jacket. The men’s version is the Outfit and the women’s version is the Msfit. Each of them features a dual duplex stretch mesh pocket w/zipper closure and key lanyard, an electronics pocket, eight point adjustment, stretch mesh side panels for comfort, environmentally friendly PVC free Gaia foam, and a contouring fit with minimal ride-up. Simply put, it’s a comfortable life jacket with lots of great pockets (we’ve been told the front pocket even accommodates a beer can), plus it’s actually made in the US. ($144) Read More

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