Taiga Canoe Wedding

We were honored to be a part of Ellery & Chari’s wedding and wish them many lasting memories in their Taiga.

“We have seen your ads in kayaking magazines for years and always admired the beautiful boats.  We were formerly kayak guides on the BC coast and already have two single glass kayaks. My fiancee, Chari, and I were doing a road trip through Washington and Oregon in late December 2010 and early January 2011. On our way back north I insisted that we stop in Port Townsend as I recall there is a great community and culture surrounding wooden boats in the area. When we saw your shop in town we naturally had to go in and look around.

We took out the Taiga canoe for a test paddle in the harbor and knew we had to have one.  The only problem was our small one bedroom condo in Victoria had no spare room or garage to build in but I was itching for a project. I suggested we could turn our living room into a shop temporarily but didn’t think that would go over well with her.  Chari surprised me and ordered it while I was at work one day in January giving me the green light to build.  I carefully covered the floor with a large tarp and two sheets of plywood and covered the couches and dining table with bed sheets.  During the fiberglass laying stage we would go out for dinner every night while the epoxy fumes dissipated through the windows left wide open. I had to stop work on the project for about two months during a busier time at work but got right back to it and finished it in early July in time for our wedding.  We first paddled it on our wedding day under a sunny blue sky on the ocean in Sooke, BC.  It has been a great story to tell friends and family. The canoe turns heads and gets comments all the time. We love it!

Thank You,
Ellery & Chari, Victoria B.C. Canada”


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