Ski to Sea 2013

An iconic Northwest event with its roots reaching back all the way to 1911, the Ski to Sea Race is held every Memorial Day in Bellingham, WA. The Ski to Sea includes 7 sports, starting with cross-country skiing and ending with Sea Kayaking across Bellingham Bay. Teams cross-country ski, downhill ski/board, run, road bike, canoe, mountain bike and sea kayak over 90 miles from the top of Mt. Baker ski resort to the historic Fairhaven district in Bellingham, WA.

Lucky for us the sea kayakers are the ones to cross the finish line so we decided to go check out the event and see if there were any Pygmies.

We were delighted to see over 20 Pygmies and everyone looked like they were having a blast.  We weren’t in time to capture every Pygmy but here are some photos from the race. It looked like so much fun that we are thinking we might have to enter a Pygmy Team next year!

Ben Mullen was the first wooden boat across the finish line. He’s a senior at WWU majoring in biology. When he was in high school he and his dad bought two Cohos and built them together. He says he gets constant comments about what a beautiful boat it is.

  • DSC02821 DSC02821 Joss Whittaker at the Kayak launch next to a Coho Hi borrowed for the race from his brother.
  • DSC02828 DSC02828 Andy Murray before the race begins next to two Coho's
  • DSC02833 DSC02833 Ken Eastham, team "Got Hope" racing in Competitive Open catagory
  • DSC02858 DSC02858 Joe Cates-Carney, team "The Tag-Alongs" racing Recreational Open
  • DSC02876 DSC02876 Eric Sherman, team "A-Town Super Troopers" Recreational Open
  • DSC02921 DSC02921 The boats moving from the staging area to the race start
  • DSC02931 DSC02931 Down the ramp they go!
  • DSC02957 DSC02957 And the race begins.
  • DSC02967 DSC02967 Andy Murray, carrying his boat out of the holding pen after a successfull finish.
  • DSC02982 DSC02982 Sarah Hohl, approching the finish line with a big grin.
  • DSC02991 DSC02991 The sprint to the finish line is on.
  • DSC03000 DSC03000
  • DSC03003 DSC03003 Dave Walters sprints from his boat towards the finish line.
  • DSC03017 DSC03017 Joe Cates-Carney coming in for the finish
  • DSC03020 DSC03020
  • DSC03021 DSC03021
  • DSC03022 DSC03022 Joe Cates-Carney runs for the finish line.
  • DSC03041 DSC03041 Charley Highlander, team "Wood Stone Ash Kickers" has a good laugh geting out of his boat.
  • DSC03096 DSC03096 Dominic Vellucci a bit of a wet exit.
  • DSC03097 DSC03097 Dominic Vellucci a very wet exit.
  • DSC03104 DSC03104
  • DSC03105 DSC03105 Ahh, but he will not give up, the race to the finish is on!
  • DSC03106 DSC03106
  • DSC03145 DSC03145
  • DSC03158 DSC03158
  • DSC03179 DSC03179
  • DSC03192 DSC03192
  • DSC03198 DSC03198
  • DSC03234 DSC03234
  • DSC03239 DSC03239
  • DSC03255 DSC03255
  • DSC03266 DSC03266
  • DSC03300 DSC03300
  • DSC03327 DSC03327
  • DSC03331 DSC03331 Joss Whittaker give a good last push to the finish
  • DSC03343 DSC03343 And he is off to finish this thing in style!

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