Stitch And Glue Kayak Building Class

Today we began another solo kayak building class at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, WA.  Students have arrived from all over to attend the class and we’re excited to start another fun week!  Here we’ll be posting pics of their progress throughout the week.  Watch these panels quickly shape up into kayaks!  Learn more about our kayak building classes.

Day 1:  Students begin to stitch their first panels together.

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Day 2:  Hulls are glued together.

Day 3:  Decks are assembled and glued.

Day 4: Undersides of decks are taped and end fillets are created.

Day 5: The inside of the hull is glassed.

Day 6:  The deck is attached to the hull.

Day 7:  Students pick up their boats!  Proud moments.

10 responses to “Stitch And Glue Kayak Building Class”

  1. Martha says:

    What is with the tape on the hull and deck pieces? Is that a new technique to keep things lined up before stitching or tightening the wires?

  2. pygmyweb says:

    Martha, It’s a technique we’ve been using in the classes! We will be offering instruction in the future for taping– stay tuned! Thanks!

  3. Martha says:

    Excellent! I have a Pinguino 145 I’m anxious to start on so anything to make the job a bit easier I’m all for.

  4. Alan says:

    I’m also interested in the taping. I am starting a Murrelet right now.

  5. david says:

    Ok – Where do I go to get information about the taping technique?

  6. pygmyweb says:

    Thanks for your interest everyone! At this point we do not have any written materials on taping but we hope to release some information & videos in the coming year. In the meantime, the manual is the way to go. We’ll announce any supplemental videos here on the blog, so stay tuned!

  7. Tabo Saito says:

    Hi There, When I visited you guys a few years ago, you showed me kayak that someone worked on, which used no wire ties. I am enrolled in your September class and was wondering if I could try that or is it more difficult than it seems?

  8. pygmyweb says:

    Hey Tabo! We use the taping method in the classes so you will get to use that technique, although it does use some wire ties. We look forward to seeing you in September!

  9. Martha says:

    I’m willing to bet I’m not the only person who needs and wants the info immediately… if not sooner! =) Give us some hints! Like…what kind of tape you use, how far apart the strips should be…that kind of stuff. I’ve made an Osprey and the wires chewed my fingernails to bits. I’d really love to avoid that on my Pinguino.

  10. pygmyweb says:

    Give us a call and we can explain in better detail over the phone! 360-385-6143