Pinguino 145 4PD & Murrelet 4PD Surf Skookumchuck Rapids

This Summer Pygmy took a trip up to Skookumchuck rapids with 2 of our newest boats. The Murrelet v2 4pd and the Pinguino 145 4pd. John Lockwood, designer and owner of Pygmy Boats and his daughter, photographer/videographer Freya Fennwood, met up with Northwest paddler Warren Williamson to test out the boats. It was a beautiful weekend and we were happy to get some great surf rides and photographs. Warren was very pleased with how the boats performed and had this to say:

“I found it quite different than any other kayak I’ve paddled. When you are about to get kicked off the wave and you’re trying to power on, the Murrelet just takes off like a rocket and catches the wave. I loved it. So many times you just work, work, work, and away you go (off the wave), but with the Murrelet you’re right back in there… The Murrelet is a very good all round kayak: a rolling kayak, you could race in it, you could camp in it, you can surf in it. It’s an incredible kayak. The Pinguino is very user friendly on the wave. It’s definitely a surf kayak… Once the wave got bigger it really liked it. If you want more of a sporty surfing kayak, the Pinguino is an incredible kayak.” — Warren Williamson, Skookumchuck Rapids, BC.

More information on these and other Pygmy Boats is available on our website at:

Photos and video by Freya Fennwood

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