Pygmy Boats is Blogging!

Over the years we’ve heard some pretty incredible stories from our customers.  Everything from romance to life’s hardships, we’ve been amazed at the roles Pygmy Boats have played in people’s lives.  Customers have told us that building a kit helped them get through chemotherapy.  Others have launched their boats on their wedding days.  One man even described his building experience as “the closest thing to child birth he’d ever experienced.”   Whether you have a tear jerking or comical story, we want to hear it.  You’ve been making us both laugh and cry for years and we decided it was high time to share that with the rest of the world… hence the blog.   Here we will be featuring great stories and adventures of our own and our customers. Please check back soon. In the meantime, if you have a great Pygmy Boat story please consider sharing it with us at


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