Great Times at the Northwest Paddling Festival

We had a really fun time getting out and meeting folks at the Northwest Paddling Festival this weekend. The weather wasn’t as nice as it has been the past few weeks but equipped with gumboots and water tight boats we survived. Friday was a classic northwest day of heavy showers and sun breaks, but Saturday cleared and we were very impressed with the turn out. Thanks for coming out and test paddling with us! Here are a few photos we were able to snap, we hope you all had a great Mothers Day weekend and we hope to see you here next year. don’t forget we are open for free test paddling in Port Townsend, WA, Monday though Saturday, 10am-3pm every week, weather permitting (i.e. small craft advisories are no fun for test paddling!). It never hurts to call and confirm the boat you are interested in trying out is around (in case we are at a show like the Northwest Paddling Festival).
Phone: 360-385-6143. Open 10:00-5:00, Monday Through Saturday, with the exception of some holidays.



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