Best Selling Boat Kits of 2013

The turning of a year is always a good time for reflection. In that spirit, here’s a glance back at the most popular boats of 2013. Bear in mind that just because a boat is popular, it may not mean it’s the best suited for your needs.  We train our staff to listen to your boating needs and help determine which Pygmy craft will best suit your body size, skill, and outdoor adventure desires.  Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions regarding which model is best for you:  360-385-6143


recreational kayak kit 

1. The Pinguino 145

“The Pinguino hits the mark dead-on, a recreational-style kayak for the home builder.  It is perfectly suited for photography or bird watching and its stable behavior made it confidence inspiring, fun, and easy to paddle.” (TW, 6’1″, 180 lbs) – Sea Kayaker Magazine Review

With her introduction the Pinguino 145 rocketed to the top of our boat line to become our best selling model, and for the last 3 years she has maintained this position. The Pinguino design is a great choice for paddlers who want the quickness, lightweight, and joy of paddling a Pygmy, but prefer a roomier cockpit, and high initial stability. She has a larger cockpit and greater stability making it a perfect choice for fishing, photography, bird watching, or a relaxing day on the water.  Even though she’s only 14.5′ long, her 25.5″ beam enables her to carry a good amount of gear, making her a great light touring kayak as well.  With her versatility it’s understandable why she is our #1 best selling boat. Read More…

greenland style kayak kit

2.  The Murrelet Series

“The Murrelet is a great kayak for Greenland-style rolling, and yet has some stowage advantages for long trips. I loved the light weight for car-topping and enjoyed paddling and showing off this wooden beauty. It’s stable enough for athletic beginners, and a playful, rough-water rolling machine for the experts.”Sea Kayaker Magazine Review

This year the Murrelet was our best-selling touring kayak and second best selling boat overall. The Murrelet series is made for those who like a high-performance kayak. The rear cockpit height has been lowered to allow advanced paddlers, who execute Greenland rolls, to lie back flat on the rear deck. At 22 inches wide she is thin and sleek, but retains very comfortable initial stability.  She has Pygmy’s trademark tracking and handling, executes leaned turns beautifully, and is very well behaved in wind and waves.  With two hulls to choose from, 4 different decks and 2 cockpits, she is by far our most customized kit and has quickly been gaining a following. One reviewer claims she is, “A rolling machine. Even hand rolls are not difficult.” Watch a video of her surfing and Read More…

 voted best wooden kayak

3.  The Coho

“The Coho has been on the market for 14 years and hasn’t lost any of its appeal. When we reviewed the Coho in 1998, it drew high praise from a 5’2″ woman and a 6’2″ man alike… For our reviewers the Coho was ‘beautifully responsive’ and ‘tracked quite well.’ One put it ‘on the top of my list for an expedition-style kayak. I would recommend it to anyone.’” — Sea Kayaker Magazine, Voted Best Wooden Kayak by the Reader’s Choice Awards

Our top-rated Coho kayak kit has been making waves for more than fifteen years now.  Comfortable and versatile at 17’6″ long with a 23″ beam, the Coho has plenty of volume for paddling expeditions.  In the popular documentary, “Paddle to Seattle“, Josh Thomas and J.J. Kelley built their own Cohos and paddled 1200 miles through the inside passage, from Skagway, Alaska to Seattle, Washington.  Carrying all their gear, plus film equipment, the Coho was put to the test and performed admirably.  It’s no wonder that over the years she has been voted “Best Wooden Kayak by Sea Kayaker Magazine’s 2011-2014 Reader’s Choice Award” and continues to be one of our best selling boats. Read More…


pinguino 145 4pd wooden kayak kit

4. The Pinguino 145-4PD

“It’s a multipurpose kayak with few peers: surfing ability for coastal travel or day trip fun; low windage and well-balanced for rough conditions; ample gear storage for multi-day trips; and high stability for photographers or fishers” (GL, 5’11”, 165-pound male). – Sea Kayaker Magazine Review, June 2013

While the Pinguino 145 is our number one selling boat, the Pinguino 145-4PD is close behind.  The two designs share the same hull but the Pinguino 145-4PD has a smaller, arched cockpit designed to allow a closer paddle stroke and a very low rear cockpit height to facilitate Greenland style Eskimo rolls. She is great for people who like a snugger fit, or smaller paddlers, and for those who want to take the Pinguino 145 into the surf zone or rock gardens, where they will brace or roll the boat.  Like the entire Pinguino series, the stability and maneuverability of the Pinguino 145 4PD make her a great boat for messing about, cruising rivers, lakes, ponds, wetlands, and gunkholing the coast line. Read More…

kayak kit for smaller paddlers 

5.  Arctic Tern 14

“So light to lift. Every time I hefted it, I was thrilled by how easy it was to shoulder carry…This boat puts a solo carry within the ability of paddlers for whom it was previously not possible.”(KC)  “The Tern 14 is a godsend for smaller boaters. Its shallow cockpit design, nimble handling and light weight are coupled with straight tracking and good speed.” (KC) — Sea Kayaker Magazine Review

Soon after her release the Arctic Tern 14 became our second best selling sea kayak as it became a popular boat to take into the surf and rock gardens along the entire west coast.  In 2005, she and the Arctic Tern 17 were voted “Best Kit Kayak” by Sea Kayaker Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards.   At only thirty-two pounds and fourteen feet, she is extremely easy to car top and shoulder carry.  A lower wetted surface makes keeping pace with larger boats a pleasure, not a chore and her crisp hard chines make her very responsive to lean turns.  Teens and smaller adults relish the fact that there is a touring boat just their size. With her light weight and maneuverability, it’s easy to see why she has maintained popularity over the years.  Read More…

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