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Wherry Accessories


Regarding Oars: It is difficult to find spoon blade oars, even in large marine stores these days. Researching the options in North America, we found a small shop in British Columbia that makes lovely spoon blade oars. We recommend 8 foot oars for our WineGlass Wherry.


Barkly sound oars

Western Spruce Oars

by Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle
Currently Out of Stock

Details & Buy

Wow! These went fast. We're waiting for our next shipment to arrive. Recommended Oars for the Wineglass Wherry. 8' x 1-3/4" diameter shaft, three laminate, spoon blade oars made by Barkley Sound of British Columbia, Canada. Varnished, ready to attach leathers.








orlock and socket set

Oarlock & Socket Set


Details & Buy

1 pair of bronze oarlocks, 2-1/4" diameter, round-horn  (closed circle) with 1/2" straight shank. Plus 2 pairs of sockets. Or buy 2 pair of oarlocks and two sets of sockets for $156  (for tandem rowing).

Oarlock Quantity






oar leather kit
Leather Kit


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Kit includes:  leathers, lacing, buttons, brass tacks, and good instructions for attaching to oars.

wherry wheels

Wherry Wheels

Details & Buy

This fully collapsible aluminum frame wheel set has 4" x 16" balloon tires. Strap these on the Wherry or our Double or Triple Osprey Kayak and you can wheel over mud flats, rock beaches, and drift wood. Great for portaging. Components easily store inside the boat while you're on the water. Load  capacity: 150 lbs. - 250 lbs. (assembled 15.5 lb. weight)


Wherry Wheels $205



Photo Not Available



Extra Fiberglass Kit
$185.00 With General Purpose
$220.00 With Silver Tip

Details & Buy

If you plan to put your Wherry to hard use, we recommend two layers of glass cloth on the exterior and an extra 38" wide piece of cloth down the inside bottom. This brings the weight up to 97 lbs. 
Kit includes 42' of 6oz. fiberglass cloth and 1-1/2 gallons of epoxy.


$185.00 With General Purpose
$220.00 With Silver Tip

Hardener Type

thermarest trail seat

Thermarest Trail Seat



Details & Buy

Thermarest Trail Seat
This light, inflatable foam and air cushion makes paddling (even ALL day) a pleasure. It really pads your tailbone. [Pads are included in all of our kayak kits.] Measures: 12" x 16" x 1-1/2"

Thermarest Trail Seats $20







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