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Kayaking Travel & Safety Accessories


Every kayak should have some form of added flotation. Since people prefer to customize their boats in different manners, you can choose between our innovative bulkhead and hatch kit design, sea socks or custom float bags (shown below). These limit the amount of water that can enter your boat when swamped. No matter which form of flotation or safety gear you find fits your needs, every kayaker should practice using their equipment.



paddle rescue float

Rescue Float

by Seal Line


Details & Buy

Rescue Float by Seal Line
Slip it on your euro paddle, Clip the buckle and blow it up, and you are ready to rescue.  Air chamber surrounds the blade.

Rescue Paddle Float $39.95


Greenland Paddle Float

by Spirit Line


Details & Buy

Greenland Paddle Float

Designed to fit traditional Greenland kayak paddles this flloat has an air chamber that surrounds the blade, holding the paddle fast when inflated. Blow up the float, slip in your paddle, and you're ready to rescue, it's as simple as that. The oral valve is at a right angle for easier inflation with one hand and making it able to roll and stow.

Also includes a strategically placed lanyard for attaching under deck lines.

Made with military spec urethane coated nylon, and all welds are 1/2" wide.

Hand sewn in Washington State, USA.

Greenland Paddle Float $49

This item is currently on backorder. We expect to have it back in stock soon. Email with any questions.





kayak sea sock by feathercraft

Sea Sock

by Feather Craft


Details & Buy

Sea Sock By Feathercraft
This 6' waterproof 420 denier nylon tube, with factory taped seams, fits over your cockpit coaming (bungee cord snaps it tight). You sit inside. A spray skirt goes over last (performs best with a nylon spray skirt). Prevents water from filling your kayak, even if you turn over. Excellent alternative to bulkheads/hatches. *Please Note: The sea sock does not work with a spray skirt on the Murrelet models.




kayak float bags

Floatation Bags


Details & Buy

Float Bags By Spirit Line

These unique bags are a 3-ply laminate, providing and independent air chamber and and gear compartment that can be used separately or in combination.  Use as a floatation for a day paddle or gear storage for an extended trip.  400 denier nylon cloth with a heavy urethane coating. Hand sewn in Washington State, USA.

This item is currently on backorder. We expect to have it back in stock soon. Email with any questions.


waterproof flashlight

Firefly Plus

by ACR


Details & Buy

Firefly Plus by ACR
Strobe & Flashlight Combo.  Omni-directional strobe is visible over one mile.  Waterproof to 328 ft.

Firefly Plus $38



Reflective Tape


Reflective Tape

$1.60/ foot

Details & Buy
Reflective Tape
Extremely reflective and durable.  Reflective tape on paddle blades and PFDs greatly increase visibility. Two inches wide. Sold by the foot



kayaking safety gear

Signal Mirror

by ACR


Details & Buy

Signal Mirror
Be seen. Be heard.  This signal mirror features a red holographic sight.  Includes dual tone USCG whistle, float and lanyard.



kayak bilge pump clip


Kayak Bilge Pump Clip



Details & Buy

Bilge Pump Clip
Secure your bilge pump!  These clips can be mounted to a stern bulkhead or under your deck for easy access to your bilge pump.



Manual Bilge Pump

Bilge Pump



Details & Buy

Bilge Pump
Small hand pump for emptying water out of a hull. Foam collar prevents the pump from sinking should it fall into the water. Pump capacity: 8 strokes/gallon or 30 liters per minute.

Bilge Pump $32


Paddle Leash by NRS

NRS Paddle Leash


Details & Buy

Paddle Leash By NRS

Don't lose your paddle during that unexpected wet exit. Hook-and- loop closures secure one end to your paddle and the other to your hand or deck rigging. 4' long, 3 mm shock cord with swivel.  This is a light weight leash, and not the best option for surfing.
Paddle Leash $19

surf to summit paddle leash

Surf to Summit Paddle Leash


Details & Buy

Paddle Leash By Surf to Summit.
Made from solid urethane thermal formed stock, maximum elasticity and memory. Comes with a plastic clip that won't scratch your fiberglass deck. Extends to eight feet. This is a very sturdy leash that will hold up in the roughest of conditions.



safety whistle

Storm Whistle

by All Weather Whistle Co



Details & Buy

The Storm® All-Weather Safety Whistle is the loudest whistle on the market. Its unique patented design allows it to be heard under water, up to 50 feet, because the sounding chamber forces all water to be purged when the whistle is blown. Made in the USA. It's perfect for Paddlers! Creates a clear, high frequency sound, with a power rating over 75% greater than other referee and safety whistles.

Storm Whistle $8.50


rescue whistle

Res-Q Whistle with Lanyard

by ACR



Details & Buy

Res-Q Whistle w/lanyard by ACR $3.00
Lanyard attaches whistle to PFD for easy access in an emergency.  A must have for every paddler to notify rescuers and fellow paddlers of an emergency

Res-Q Whistle w/ Lanyard $3.00


c-light for night paddling


by ACR


Details & Buy

Night paddling light straps to your wrist to grab the attention of other boaters.  Patented 360 degree lens projects light in a complete circle.  The "strobing" effect makes this substantially more attention getting than conventional fixed light.  Includes wrist lanyard.

C-Light $11.00











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