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outfitting a kayak deck rigging deck rigging bulkehead and hatch kit perimeter lines


Outfitting Your Kayak: Hull Gear


kayak deck lines

Perimeter Deck Lines

starting at $16.00

Details & Buy
Perimeter Deck Lines

Rig your kayak with perimeter lines to add another level of security while on the water. This kit contains sufficient line and hardware to rig any of our kayaks. Available in standard black color, or black with a reflective strand woven through it.
Note, If you have already added hatches to your boat, and trimmed the extra webbing, you may need to purchase another set. 

Click here for installation instructions.

Non-reflective $16

Reflective $29

Line Type:


bulkhead and hatch kit
Bulkhead & Hatch Kit


Details & Buy

Bulkhead & Hatch Kit

Fits all kayaks except Queen Charlotte. Only available for the bow of the Murrelet 1PD (see Murrelet 1PD page). Pre-cut bulkheads, hatch lips, cinch cams (for good leverage and downward pressure on the hatch seal), webbing, buckles, fasteners, and foam seals for one 15" bow hatch and one 18.5" stern hatch. Hatches seal well. Installation instructions for installing in finished boat. Note: If you purchased an Arctic Tern or Coho prior to the addition of the rear coaming recess, please select "Original".

Click here for installation instructions.

Bulkhead & Hatches $59

Murrelet 1PD Bow Hatch/Bulkhead $29.50

Boat Model:

kayak deck rigging kit
Deck Rigging Packs

Starting at $16.00

Details & Buy

Deck Rigging

Solo: 20 feet of shock cord, 10 strap eyes, 1 stainless shock cord clip, 16 stainless machine screws, nuts and washers. Double and Triple come with 32 feet of shock cord. This is enough to make a figure 8 pattern fore and aft of the cockpit, and a paddle park at the bow.

Click here for installation instructions.

Click here to see close-up images.

Solo Kayaks $16.00
Double & Triple $26.00

Boat Type:

kayak carrying handles

Hand Toggles


Details & Buy

Hand Toggles

Black plastic hand toggles are designed to fit your hand, giving you a comfortable grip while carrying your boat. Install at bow and stern. Toggle is 4-1/2" x 1" x 1". Includes nylon cord.

Click here for installation instructions.

Hand Toggles $5/Pair

adjustable backrest- kayak seat adjustment hardware

Seat Adjustment Hardware


Details & Buy

Seat Adjustment Hardware

This simple cleat and line system allows for the adjustment of the back strap while seated in the boat.

Click here for installation instructions.

Note: this item does not work with Murrelet 1PD, 2PD, 4PD, or Pinguino 145-4PD designs.

Seat Adjustment Hardware $11.00


kayak footbrace studs

Foot Brace Studs

Set of 4/$10.00

Details & Buy

Foot Brace Studs
These stainless steel studs can be epoxied and fiberglassed to the inside of your hull to avoid having to drill holes in your hull.  A set of four contains matching nylon locking nuts and fiberglass.  NOTE: these studs do not work with the Feathercraft rudder and need modification to work with the Smart Track Rudder.

Click here for installation instructions. Click here to see a picture of a boat with footbrace studs and a boat without.

Footbrace Studs $10


kayak foot braces

Keepers Foot Braces


Details & Buy

Keepers Footbraces
These footbraces are standard with our kits.  Includes two 15" rails, two foot pads and mounting hardware.

Keepers Footbraces $25

kayak foam knee braces

Knee Braces


Details & Buy

Knee Braces
Knee Braces are small pre-cut foam braces--necessary for learning to roll and brace. Helps you grip boat for better control. Great for touring. Click here for installation instructions. Note: the Murrelet 1PD, 2PD, 4PD and Pinguino 145-4PD have backing plates included with the kit- the knee brace foam is sold separately, see below.

Knee Braces $12


Keyhole Knee Braces

Keyhole Knee Braces


Details & Buy

Keyhole Knee Braces
Glass reinforced wood backing plates and large precut foam braces are glued to the underside of your deck. Helps you grip the boat for better control. Personal placement, great for surfing and touring.  Choose the large size for Pinguino Sport, Pinguino 145 and Borealis XL designs. Go with the standard size for all other models. Note: will not work with Murrelet 1PD, 2PD, 4PD or Pinguino 145-4PD (these designs have backing plates included with the kit- foam sold separately, see below). Click here for installation instructions.

Does not include seat, just knee braces shown with white arrows

Keyhole Knee Braces $22



thermarest trail seat

Thermarest Trail Seat


Details & Buy

Thermarest Trail Seat
This light, inflatable foam and air cushion makes paddling (even ALL day) a pleasure. It really pads your tail bone. [Pads are included in all of our kayak kits.] Measures: 12" x 16" x 1-1/2"

Thermarest Trail Seats $20

Thermarest Camp Seat


Details & Buy

Camp Seat
Designed with pressure mapping technology that identifies high and low pressure areas to deliver optimally contoured comfort and support.  The self-inflating Camp Seat is the thickest seat Cascade Designs makes. A great option for paddlers looking for a deeper cushion.

Camp Seat $30


spirit line molded kayak seat with hip braces

Spirit Line Seat


Details & Buy

Spirit Line Seat
This molded, closed-cell  foam seat has built-in hip bracing. Good for slimmer paddlers with narrow hips.  This seat is not as well cushioned as the thermarest pad, and it raises the paddler's center of gravity by 1/2".

*Seat back not included

Spirit Line Seat $45

bow hatch webbing (included in bulkhead and hatch kit)

Bow Hatch Webbing


Details & Buy

Bow Hatch Webbing
This is included as part of our hatch kit, and is offered separately for those who are retrofitting their boat for perimeter lines. Set of six 15 1/2" polypropylene webbing (hardware not included).
Note that six longer straps are included for the stern of the boat in the perimeter line kit.

Bow Hatch Webbing $3.60


hatch cam levers (included in hatch kit)

Hatch Cam Levers

$5.15 each

Details & Buy

Hatch Cam Levers
This is included as part of our hatch kit, and is offered separately for those who want to update their boat's hatch system.  The unique shape of these cams prevents an inadvertent release of the loop slide, when re-entering the boat from the water

Hatch Cam Levers $5.15 each


deck plate and bag for easy access

Deck Plate & Bag

Deck plate alone $14 with bag $29

Details & Buy

Deck Plate & Bag
A twist-off deck plate mounted behind the cockpit can offer convenient access to the stuff you need.  The 5 inch opening accommodates a 12 inch deep optional nylon insert bag (shown).  External plate dimension is 7".

Deck plate alone $14.00
With bag $29.00


Replacement backstrap and foam


Details & Buy

Replacement backstrap and cushioning foam. The backstrap comes in two different sizes. The large fits the Borealis, Pinguino Sport, and  Pinguino 145. If you have one of these boats with a smaller size cockpit then order a size regular that fits all other boats.  


Backstrap & foam $13.00



hatch foam

Replacement hatch foam


Details & Buy

Included are two pieces of foam. One for the front hatch and one for the rear hatch.


Hatch foam pair $2.50


closed cell foam blocks


Foam for Adjustable Knee Braces

Starting at $5

Details & Buy

Foam for Adjustable Knee Braces
The Pinguino 145 4PD & Murrelet 1PD, 2PD & 4PD all come with an adjustable tab and wood backing plate for those that want to use knee braces with these boats. The stiffer white foam comes pre-cut and is firmer and longer lasting. The much softer, although less durable, grey foam is easily sculpted at home to fit the specific paddler. Both come with screws and t-nuts. Note: These are intended specifically for these boats. Click here to see an enlarged photo.

Grey Foam Blocks $5

Pre-cut White Foam $21

Select Foam Type:



Rudder Kit by Feathercraft

Rudder Kit by Feathercraft

Starting at $250.00

Details & Buy

Feathercraft Rudder Kit

Black anodized  aluminum flip-on-top rudder with special mounting bracket, cables, all fasteners and installation instructions. Installs on completed boats. Please note that the Feathercraft Rudder does not work with foot brace studs. (Solo Rudder Shown Above) Click here for installation instructions.

Solo Plumb Stern $250.00
Raked Stern $253.00
Osprey Double & Triple $264.00

Boat Model:

Triple Center Cockpit Kit

Triple Center Cockpit Kit for rudder

Details & Buy

Triple Center Cockpit Kit

To rig the center cockpit of your Triple for rudder control, you will need an additional set of aluminum tracks and longer cables. This accessory works with the Feathercraft rudder.


Smart Track Rudder

Smart-Track Rudder

Starting at $266.00

Details & Buy

Smart-Track Rudder

Change the way you think about paddling forever with the patented Smart-Track Control System. Combining nautical science with high tech materials and design,  Smart-Track is a revolutionary sea kayak rudder system that includes solid ergonomic foot control and a responsive foil-shaped blade. It provides more efficiency, more precision, and more comfort. Installs on completed boat. Click here for installation instructions.

Solo Plumb Stern $266

Raked Stern $269

Osprey Double & Triple $267

Boat Model:


heavy black plastic Valley Canoe (VCP) Hatches

VCP Hatches


Details & Buy

VCP Hatches
Watertight hatches made by Valley Canoe Products of Britain. Heavy black plastic "lids" seal over rims fiberglassed into the deck. Round bow hatch, 7.5" round. Oval stern hatch is 16" long. These fit flat decked kayaks only, such as our Queen Charlotte and the single panel stern deck of our Murrelet 1PD (bulkhead and hatch kit for bow sold separately). Includes bulkhead/s and installation instructions, or click here for installation instructions.

Queen Charlotte Hatches $238

Murrelet 1PD Stern Hatch & Bulkhead $156





No Photo Available




Queen Charlotte Rudder Kit


Details & Buy
Queen Charlotte Rudder Kit
Black anodized aluminum flip-on-top rudder with all cables, tubing fasteners and instructions. Installs on completed boat. Click here for installation instructions.
Queen Charlotte Rudder Kit $213








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