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System Three Epoxy --All of our kits come with enough epoxy for most of our customers to complete their boat. However, should you need more due to spillage, waste, or just want epoxy for other projects, we offer the kits below of resin/hardener in their proper 2 to 1 ratio. Note: We ship "Medium" hardener with our kits.  You may order "Slow" (for hot climates) or "Fast" (for cold climates) upon request. The System Three Epoxy Book has detailed information to help you select a hardener. Click the image to the right to download a copy.


System Three Epoxy Book


System Three Epoxy


System Three General Purpose Epoxy

Details & Buy

System three General Purpose Epoxy

Multi-purpose epoxy resin suitable for fiberglass laminating and coating applications. Can be combined with wood flour or other suitable epoxy fillers for bonding and filleting applications. This is the standard epoxy included with our boat kits. All of the kits below are a 2 to 1 ratio of resin to hardener. The "Fast" hardener is good for temperatures ranging 38-55°F (4-13°C). "Medium" is for temperatures ranging 50-75° F (10-24° C), and "Slow" = 75-95° F (temperatures warmer than 24° C, but not exceeding 33° C).

1.5pt Resin & Hardener

Select Hardener


1.5qt Resin & Hardener $57.00

Select Hardener


3qt. Resin & Hardener $100.00

Select Hardener


1.5Gal Resin & Hardener $156.00

Select Hardener


3Gal Resin & Hardener $261.00

Select Hardener

Silver tip System Three Epoxy

SilverTip Epoxy

1.5 Gal $188.00
3 Gallon $316.00

Details & Buy

SilverTip Epoxy
SilverTip Laminating Resin is a medium-low viscosity epoxy system that has been optimized for coating and reinforcing fabric saturation in wood-composite
Boatbuilding.  It has superior wet-out characteristics with little tendency to foam or trap air.  Both the resin and hardener are nearly colorless and are used in an easy 2:1 ratio.  The working time is longer than most boat building epoxies without sacrificing cure time. We offer this as an option in our boat kits. (Temperatures: Slow Silvertip = warmer than 65°F, Fast Silvertip = cooler than 65°F) NOTE: This item can only ship Fed Ex ground and is not eligible for shipments to Alaska. Please plan accordingly.

1.5 Gal $188.00


3 Gallon $316.00


epoxy pumps

Epoxy Pumps
$14/ Pair

(price includes shipping)

Details & Buy

Plunger pump set screws onto System Three epoxy containers and delivers 1 oz. per stroke for resin and a 1/2 oz. for hardener (with restrictor in). Pump fits gallon, quart, and pint containers. These are the same pumps that are included in our kits. The pair includes a 'restrictor' to reduce, by half, the volume of the hardener. This price includes shipping costs to anywhere in the US (there may be additional shipping costs for outside the US).

foam epoxy rollers

Foam Rollers


Details & Buy

1/8" thick "nap" no-lint foam rollers, for laminating fiberglass with epoxy. 7" length. Note: Thicker foam rollers can leave bubbles in your epoxy! Only use 1/8" foam rollers.

Foam Rollers $4.00/pair

roller frames

Roller Frames

$4.00 7-Inch

$2.50 3-Inch

Details & Buy
  • These frames work with the foam roller covers. The roller covers can be cut in half and used with the 3 inch frame for smaller jobs or tight places.

$4.00 7-Inch

$2.50 3-Inch





marine goop

Marine Goop


Details & Buy

An excellent adhesive & sealant for hatch foam and knee brace installation. 3.7 ounce tube. NOTE:  This item can only ship Fed Ex ground and is not eligible for shipments to Alaska Please plan accordingly.

Marine Goop $7.00


system three spar urethane varnish

System Three

Spar Urethane Varnish



Details & Buy

System Three Spar Urethane Varnish is a high-solids finish designed for marine use.  The varnish contains ultraviolet light absorbers, which offer excellent protection from sun, salt air and water.  A solo kayak requires 1 quart (approximately 3 coats). NOTE:  This item can only ship Fed Ex ground and is not eligible for shipments to Alaska Please plan accordingly.


system three polyurethane wr-lpu

System Three




Details & Buy

System Three's Water reducible linear polyurethane rivals solvent-based coatings in durability and weatherability.  It contains ultraviolet light absorbers for maximum life in the sun.  Harder to apply by hand than varnish, but when sprayed yields excellent results.  Includes cross linker. A solo kayak requires 1 quart (approximately 3 coats).


z-spar flagship varnish


Flagship Varnish



Details & Buy

Flagship Varnish combines superior gloss retention and the highest ultra violet protection available.  It can be built up to many coats for a deep, rich mirror-like finish.  A solo kayak requires 1 quart (approximately 3 coats).
NOTE: This item can only ship Fed Ex ground and is not eligible for shipments to Alaska.  Please plan accordingly.


z spar 120 thinner

Z-Spar 120 Thinner


Details & Buy

Z Spar / Pettit T-10 120 medium brushing thinner is designed for spraying in hot weather and brushing in most conditions. This is a general purpose thinner used in most paint products for ease of application when brushing.. 
NOTE:  This item can only ship Fed Ex ground and is not eligible for shipments to Alaska.  Please plan accordingly.

Z-Spar Thinner: $21.00


Teak Oil

Dalys Seafin Teak Oil


Details & Buy

SeaFin Teak Oil is a penetrating oil that dries to a low sheen to seal and protect interior and exterior woods from moisture and weathering. It creates a durable, non-slip surface to repel water and resist wear. Recommended for maintaining and refinshing the NorthPoint Greenland paddles. Learn more about maintaining your NorthPoint paddle here.

Dalys Teak Oil: $14.00/pt



paddle ferrule



Details & Buy

Stainless steel paddle ferrule for creating your own take apart paddle. 


paddle drip rings

Drip Rings


Details & Buy

Drip Rings
Drip rings keep water from your paddle blade blade off of your lap.  All of our paddles include drip rings.  We carry these for people who wish to make their own paddles.

Drip Rings $10

cabinet scraper

Cabinet Scraper


Details & Buy

By Sandvik of Sweden. A tempered steel edge tool, handy for removing drips from partially cured epoxy. Size 6" x 2.5"

Cabinet Scraper $9.50

epoxy syringes

Curved Tip Syringes

(price includes shipping)(includes shipping)

Details & Buy

Used to inject epoxy into seams. Please note that each kit comes with 3 syringes. Cleaning Note: if you immediately plunge/clean your syringes with acetone after use, you can re-use these many times.  Keep the acetone sealed in a small glass jar and re-use many times. This package includes 3 syringes and shipping costs to anywhere in the US (there may be additional shipping costs for outside the US).


vinyl glovesVinyl Gloves

$8.50/Box of 100

Details & Buy


Work Cleanly!  Wear Gloves!

$8.50/Box of 100



wood flour



Wood Flour


Details & Buy

1Qt bag.  Wood flour is used to thicken epoxy for fillets, bonding, and seam filling. (included in kits)




keepers footbraces

Keepers Footbraces




Details & Buy

Keepers Footbraces
These footbraces are standard with our kits.  Includes two 15" rails, two foot pads and mounting hardware.

Keepers Footbraces $27



fiberglass tape 4 oz

Fiberglass Tape 4 oz


$18/50 yard roll

Details & Buy

This 4 ounce 1.5 inch wide tape is produced specifically for Pygmy. You won't find it anywhere else.  It has excellent wet out properties.  This is the tape used for joining panels to their full length.

 $18/50 yard roll


fiberglass tape 6 oz

Fiberglass Tape 6 oz

$9/10 yard roll,

$24/33 yard roll

$30/50 yard roll

Details & Buy

1.5 inch wide tape. This tape is available in three roll sizes and is used for taping keels, bulkheads and the under side of deck seams.





fiberglass cloth

Fiberglass Cloth


Details & Buys

Six ounce 38" wide plain weave "E" glass.  Specifically treated for use with epoxy resins, wets out crystal clear. To order multiple yards simply increase the quantity in the shipping cart.

epoxy measuring cup

6.5 Ounce Plastic Measuring Cups


(price includes shipping)

Details & Buy

These clear plastic measuring cups are useful to ensure your epoxy pumps are metering correctly. (Your Part A should be metering 1 oz per stroke and the
hardener pump with restrictor installed should be metering 1/2 oz of hardener.) Each boat kit includes two of these so it is not necessary to order these with a kit. Note: Never mix more than 6oz of Epoxy at a time. Package includes 5 cups and shipping costs to US (there may be additional shipping costs for outside the US).








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